Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Play It Again, Sam

All my tutorial students know I'm nothing if not a reduce-reuse-recycle kinda gal, as evidenced by my towering GOOS paper pile. GOOS? Good On One Side. Great scrap paper for brainstorming, writing rough drafts, drawing diagrams, working math problems, jotting down a phone message, making a wishlist.

Years ago someone passed along to me a stack of sturdy 5x8" manila index card file box dividers. I recently rediscovered them—woo hoo!—and now I often cut them down to postcard size. Excellent little canvases for all sorts of experiments.

This particular little experiment was nearly-but-not-quite done when I placed a stamp on it. Then, with the stamp's having caught my eye, a blog post's having caught my attention, and a blog comment's having trickled into my mind (do I see some black?), I suddenly knew exactly where I wanted to go with finishing flourishes.

Postcard 4
5x4", acrylic and ink on manila stock
[not for sale]


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Sheila! On a day that feels like 5 degrees with wind chill factored in, the warmth of this little card is cheering me up : )

  2. I really like your card project, Dotty! It gives nice 'boundaries' where you can work within,

    ps: it reminds me of 20 years ago, or so, that I used to make colourful envelopes myself. I used magazines, and folded them in the way I liked. When I look at it now, they were little composition-projects (but I would never think about it that way).

    The very nice thing about your letters is that you can actually send them. It is 'art' but you don't have to treat it like that formally (hanging it on the wall etcetera). You just use it in everyday life, make people happy with it, create beauty in simple situations.
    That's what I also like about your paper prayers.

    1. Simone, thank you for your reflections above. Indeed, my cards give me nice 'boundaries', along with an absence of pressure since my dad, as recipient, is completely nonjudgmental. My history with making art to use in everyday life probably goes back to at least 1967 when friends and I would write notes to each other on the plain side of gift wrap. Much to explore here. Let's keep this conversation going.

  3. What a cool idea! Love the orangey glow of the background and all the fun little fish!

    1. Thanks, Corinna. The orangy glow felt upbeat to me. Just sent this card off to my dad a few days ago.

  4. ps Are you doing the Post card swap Sheila Delgado mentioned in her blog the other day?

    1. I've considered doing so—have looked at the link a couple of times when Sheila has mentioned it. Thus far my response has not been an unreserved yes so I'm taking that to mean no. Time will tell!

      Will you be participating?