Friday, January 15, 2016

January 7, Poems

Ted Kooser wrote this poem a number of years ago:

January 7

Five degrees and light snow

An elaborate braiding of deer tracks
close to the house this morning early,
within a few yards of our two dogs
asleep on the porch. A dozen or more
walking soundlessly east in the night,
a half moon rising before them.
I like the long deft brush stroke
as each hoof swung into and out of the snow,
and the little splash kicked out ahead
as they stripped sweet bark from the darkness,
afraid of everything but not afraid.


I wrote this appropriation a week ago Thursday:

January 7

       Thirty-nine degrees and cloudy

       A simple weaving of brush strokes
       on paper this afternoon early,
       in a loose grid suggested in a lesson
       downloaded from the web. Dozens
       whispering horizontally and vertically,
       my intuition rising imperceptibly before my hand.
       I like the warp and weft
       of tint and tone and shade
       and the little softnesses as they nudge each other,
       locking into a grid but completely open.


loose backgrounds for later collage

loose grids
loose grid
loose grid


  1. I'd like to be around when you start using these beautiful swatches!

    1. Come on over! I've got scissors, matte medium. You bring an in-flight magazine for more paper, and warm clothes so we can walk a beach afterwards, a beach whose water will not look as tropical as the color swatches.

  2. Love your words and color weaving. what delights we are in store for!

    1. Love YOUR words: "color weaving" : )