Thursday, January 14, 2016

In the Lab

I'm goin' for some more grid collage.

Squeezed out dollops of phthalo blue, quinacridone red, titanium red, and glazing medium.

Fired up a Bunsen burner.

Just kidding.

But doesn't it sound like I'm about to do some kind of chem lab?

In fact, no eye goggles—just my own happy clear eyes. No calibrated beakers—just my inner instincts. No glass rod for mixing—just my inexpensive nylon bristle brush.

And the experiment is off and running. The simple pleasure of swirling chemicals together and spreading them on paper is mine.

Alchemy, I tell ya!

phthalo blue color swatches


  1. If only high school chem had been this much fun!

    1. I think it might have been even more fun for some of my classmates at ASL senior year. Years later I discovered through an alum chat room that several kids had some kind of a still set up in a back room. Mind you, the whole lab was a death trap, located as it was in the basement of that old converted house!!

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Sheila, it was fun painting these up, though—yet again—humbling. Not as easy as I might think to produce four different values of analogous colors. Happily, I've used the papers several times already. I like having hand-painted papers on hand.

  3. I, too love the blues. Borrowing a term from Sheila: SHAZAM!
    Hand painted papers. Great idea to have on hand. I'm sensing more of your cool collages coming, Dotty!

    1. Thanks, Laurie. I'm so grateful for your enthusiasm and support for all points in a process. Your sense is correct—more cool collages coming!

      Having painted papers on hand is new for me. Heck, painting papers is new for me! A happy outgrowth of the downloaded workshop I'm doing.

      Did you follow the link at my post on December 29, "Sky Series Redux, #1 of 3"? Worth a visit.