Monday, December 28, 2015

Tossed by the Waters

Contemplated one idea after another last night and this morning. Nope. Nope.


Followed one impulse far enough to gather up some paper scraps, tear them into smaller pieces, and fill a support with a glued mosaic.

Still nope. That one's hangin' out in my studio. Another day.

Poked around online to chase some possibilities.


Felt tossed by the waters, got tired.

Then—talk about impulse!—thought of something I wanted to try, grabbed Days on the Back Creek … and cut it into four quadrants.

Kinda took my breath away. No turning back on that decision!

Scissors in hand, kept on cutting. Glue already on the table, started affixing.

Happy birthday, Jack!

Stringin' 'Em Up
4.5x3.25", ink, acrylic, pastels, and cut paper on cardstock
[not for sale]

Days on the Back Creek, before surgery


  1. Hi Dotty,

    I've been off the radar, what with everything going on. Just catching up on your blog..first of all, Congratulations on the Facebook Pick of the Day!
    How cool- and lots of exposure. Your work continues to evolve, and with such diversity. Awesome fish! And of course your writing. I love your creativity!

    1. Hi Laurie, great to hear from you. Crazy time of year (and not my favorite). Thanks for your congrats—FB Pick of the Day was such a lovely and unexpected honor! Thanks once again for your enthusiasm for my painting and my writing; I do enjoy knowing someone besides myself is also enjoying : ) Cleaned up and cleared out my studio space—January's fast approaching!

    2. Dotty, I love what you did with your cut-up painting. That was very creative and it turned out beautifully. Creativity is wonderful. Get organized some other time in the future. Stuff is not going any where.

    3. Ann, thanks for your shout-out to creativity—it IS wonderful, and it loves being given the chance to show up in the world. Who knows if I'll ever get organized again. For sure, the stuff in my home is not going anywhere (too bad).

  2. I thought I sent a comment about this but it's nowhere to be found. I love this! The water looks amazing, as does the eye.
    (Like Laurie, I love your combination of painting and writing.)

    1. Thanks, Joany. Way fun to find that fish eye using a hole punch instead of painting it with intention from scratch! Delighted that you, too, are enjoying the combination of my painting and writing. Me, too!