Tuesday, December 15, 2015

So Many Years Young

Over the weekend, granddaughter Caroline and I visited a student exhibit at Artworks in Scranton, PA.

Great place!

Captivating exhibit!

We were particularly drawn to the vibrant work of Ethan Gerber. Strong line, exciting color. As we studied one piece, I turned to Caroline and said, "This is someone who has art just pouring out of him. He will make art and make art and make art for years, I think."

His pieces were distinctive, and opened doors inside me, as much art has of late, inviting me to romp around and engage in more free play at my easel.

Gerber's paintings fueled my creativity this morning when I went to my studio to create a birthday card. Painting with the energy of Gerber's style in mind made me feel many years young, and I'm hoping the card will make my brother-in-law kick up his heels, too!

2.75x4", acrylic, ink, and oil pastel on watercolor paper
[not for sale]

Two of Gerber's paintings:

I still have much to learn, more doors to open.


  1. I love it! It looks like it belongs in a Dr. Seuss book. I'm wondering if other brothers-in-law will receive something similar for their birthday...

    1. Definitely fun to paint in this playful childlike way—reminds me a bit of when I painted the whimsical fish for Caroline and Emmy, although those were "fussier" and more deliberate than the birthday cake which was more impulsive and intuitive. Re birthdays of other brothers-in-law, I'm wondering too … !

  2. What a wonderful birthday card you made! Really colourful - you might think of making a whole bunch of these colourful cards. It is lovely.

    I really like the work of Gerber Ethan. I watched his website. Very inspiring.

    with love,

    1. Hi Simone, thanks for your comments and enthusiasm. Making this card was fun! Gerber still has much to teach me about being playful and free-spirited, and I have other birthdays to honor/celebrate, so I foresee more colorful cards in my future!

  3. Thanks for the link Dotty - some terrific artists and work! Love all of these colorful pieces! I want a purple cake! YUM! And yes, only five candles for me too please. LOL I will make that my request from now on! My birth date is the fifth, so that will work just fine!

    1. Hi Sheila, thanks for your comments. The colorful cake was fun—but for Gerber's art, that cake would have been much more boring. So glad Gerber brought me back to my senses, brought me back to not being so serious! And five candles? I'm with you on that one!