Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Happy Birthday, Anne!

Had negative painting in mind again. Or some notion along those lines.

Folded watercolor paper into a card, taped it down, covered the whole surface with reds and yellow ochre and burnt sienna and a touch of green. Penciled in a roof line and a window. Painted over everything above the roofline with a cerulean blue tint.

Threw some trim on the building, weathered it. Used teeth on a comb to give the trim some grain.

As soon as the paint dried, grabbed an ink pen, put some clapboards in place.

A barn on a quiet day.

Isn't she lovely?

Isn't She Lovely
6x4", acrylic and ink on watercolor paper
[not for sale]


  1. Yes, she IS lovely! I'm loving your work more and more. And the bookmarks-a priceless gift. Thanks for you wonderful comments.......I'm now practicing more and more with glazing techniques....so much fun, eh?!

  2. Glazing!—will the fun never end??!

    Thanks for your appreciation of and feedback on my art. Love the energy generated by our back and forth.

  3. Loved reading the evolution of this painting and the end result. Yes, she IS lovely!

    1. Fun to hear that you liked reading about how this painting evolved, and liked the product, too. I enjoyed the different approach I took, starting with my whole page covered with barn colors and working from there. Also, felt great affection for the slightly down-at-the-heels nature of the barn.

  4. Wonderful Dotty! Happy Thanksgiving to you :)

  5. Thanks, Sheila. Something about this barn makes me relax and feel at home in my own skin each time I see it—all good! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  6. Yes, she is lovely!
    I really find it impressive how you do these things. It is nice that you describe how this paintings is being painted. I would not know where to start ;-)!

    1. Thanks, Simone. I enjoy reading descriptions of process by other artists and like to do the same for those who read my blog. Writing about the process usually expands my own learning, too, and I like having a diary, so to speak, of my daily painting experience.