Monday, November 16, 2015

Gray Saturday

[Painted and drafted in early October]


Gray Saturday.

Black, white, and gray paint.

This ongoing values study continues to fully engage me. I need to keep up the study, that's clear. The decision-making is at times palpably difficult, while simultaneously being tremendously inviting.

What's so cool is that these exercises perfectly fit my wishes right now—my wish to put paint to canvas at least once a day, my wish to stretch my painting skills, my wish to attend to all manner of non-painting tasks that have piled up, my wish to have my painting time be appropriately proportional to other pursuits in my current calendar.

These slick characters that are my subjects? They make me laugh out loud!

How'd they get into this blog?

values 3


  1. Hi Dotty!

    That is really nice, to do this 'values experiment'. That is one of the things that is on my list, to play only with black and white and grey!
    Looks really good!

    And indeed: 'how did these end up in this blog? ;-)

    with love,

  2. Simone, thanks for your comments, and for sharing a laugh with me about these slick characters' elbowing their way into my blog!