Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Firing up an Engine

Went to my studio yesterday with no image in mind, no reference of any sort.

My intentions: crumple some paper, flatten it out, glue it to a painting support (chose watercolor paper, 8x8"); paint left-handed; make decisions based on what shows up; keep going till I see something I like that feels finished.

Messy process with more time not liking what I saw than liking. Not to mention that I totally forgot to use my left hand. Disliked what was on the page when time ran out—enough to feel an internal heaviness off and on for an hour or two.

Went back today. Kept on messing around with paint. Brush in my right hand again—oops.

Many many layers on this baby, I tell ya!

Felt the urge to move outdoors with my painting, sit on the front steps, shift to ink pens and oil pastels.

Channeled November sunshine and blue skies and 47˚ air through my left hand. Delicious absorption and contentment and energy as I tried this and that.

Loved the little spark plugs of inspiration that moved me along.

Spark Plugs
8x8", mixed media on watercolor paper


  1. I love the mixing of oil pastels and ink pens--the sharp and not so sharp. Do I see five circles representing the five Hatch girls--or is it because I want to see the five Hatch girls? The colors make me happy.

    1. Judy, thanks for your comments. Part of the fun of art is its life out in the world and the ways it is received by others—fun when my intentions and my own perceptions are recognized/reflected by others; fun when others offer up all sorts of response that makes my art new to me all over again. Love that you enjoyed the sharp and the not so sharp; so did I! When I made the ink lines they felt harsh to me, and so I softened them. Many recent pieces have had symbolic elements but this one did not. It was one of the truest just-go-to-the-blank-canvas-and-see-what-happens pieces I've ever done. What I love is that my subconscious probably had the best chance ever to express itself on canvas. So, who knows?, maybe those are the five Hatch girls!

  2. Another joy filled work. Loving these colors right now :)

  3. Sheila, love that you saw the joy in this piece and liked the colors. The autumn in me was expressing itself in the colors, I think.