Monday, October 19, 2015

Sister Syndrome

I'm in Maine now. Different portable studio. Brought canvas paper, watercolor paper, watercolor pencils, pens, oil pastels, scissors, a few paintbrushes.

My four sisters and I are sitting in a shade-drawn room around the bed at Norway Center where our mom, "Muth," lies sleeping, kept comfortable and peaceful with morphine, cared for by hospice caregivers, and surrounded by our love, chitchat, afternoon stupor, tears, tear-streaming laughter, sudoku, knitting, and, in my case, coloring with watercolor pencils and pens.

A bittersweet family reunion.

Monday Afternoon in Hospice
6x6", mixed media on canvas paper


  1. Thanks, Sheila—it's a gift to feel your support. So glad we met through our art in September.