Tuesday, October 13, 2015

From Fullness

I set up my travel studio this morning in our Blackwater Falls State Park cabin in West Virginia shortly after learning that my sister-in-law Linda died last night. 

I looked briefly at a photo reference taken last weekend on a predawn walk in Shenandoah Valley, VA, and then painted from the fullness of my heart—quickly, unhesitatingly, gesturally—with a limited palette of phthalo blue, payne’s gray, and titanium white.

A bittersweet palette of tears, pain, and joy.

New day beginning.

6x6", acrylic on gessobord


  1. What a beautiful tribute to Linda, what a wonderful outlet for your tears and sorrow... and joy.

  2. Thanks, Joany. Yes, a welcome meditation.

  3. The light on the hills, and those grasses look like a photograph. Beautifully done. Thinking good thoughts for your family....

  4. Sheila, thank you for your comments re my painting. I've gotta say, I like when I can get out of my head and paint from my heart. Thank you for your thoughts for our family; definitely a bittersweet time.