Sunday, October 4, 2015

First Apartment

I claim that I started painting a year ago on Memorial Day weekend with my friend Sylvia on a self-created painting retreat with New Mexico artist and nature lover Ann Marquis but, really, my painting career goes back to at least 1972 when coworker Julie and I shared what was a first apartment for me. We painted the kitchen bright yellow and orange. Don't ask!

After painting a first draft of a scene photographed on the equinox in Dave's garden (Dave's Garden, Equinox), I got my paints out the next day to create a revision (Equinox Tablecloth) and also to try my hand at a new version of the scene with a more abstract bent to it. I went back and forth between the two interpretations, letting whatever I learned in one inform the next brush strokes in the other.

Partway through, the abstract version felt very flat to me, and something about the shapes, colors, and time of year brought to mind the kitchen on Union Street in Manchester, MA, that Julie and I so enthusiastically brightened up. Both versions make me to think I could get a job creating designs for plastic table coverings!

Here's the new tablecloth painting.

Painting the Kitchen with Julie
6x6", acrylic on gessobord


  1. Hey, plastic table covers are always popular! This one does look very much like a good pattern. And by the way, that is called licensing, and you can make good money from that. So I have read. ;) I have liked all of these :)

  2. Sheila, thanks for a smile at the (almost) end of a long day! Want to join me in a business venture? With your sunflowers and my mums and asters, we could take the plastic tablecloth world by storm!

  3. I agree, it does look like a great pattern for a tablecloth (love how you crossed out the word!).

  4. It would have made the perfect tablecloth for Julie's and my apartment kitchen! I had fun crossing out tablecloth—was glad the strike-through command was available!