Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Celebrate, Sister!

My sister Lauren was born in October of my kindergarten year. I remember drawing a crayon pumpkin to take to the hospital when I went to visit my mom and meet the new baby (the third of what would later be four sisters) for the first time.

A few years down the road now, that baby sister will be celebrating a happy return of her birth day this coming weekend.

I went to my studio to paint up a card for her. Carried with me the spirit of freedom and carelessness artist Gwenda Waterink mentions in her blog—the freedom and carelessness of diving in, making marks, making messes, finding solutions to visual problems, and seeing what emerges.

Picked up a pen first, doodled up some lines. Picked up a paint brush, laid in some color.

Got into a mess.

Kept playing.

And found solutions to visual problems.

Had great fun thinking back on many a Lauren-and-Dotty memory.

Happy birthday, baby sister!

Big Birthday
4.5x6", ink and acrylic on canvas paper
[not for sale]