Monday, October 5, 2015


Some time ago—maybe 37 years ago, maybe not—I practiced Lamaze breathing techniques in anticipation of Meg's birth.

Turns out, that breathing stuff was no 70's latter-day-hippie woo-woo stuff. Breathing is the name of the game right on down the line.

My fall schedule has many competing pieces in it, and I'm feeling kinda breathless. Have I mentioned that I paint every day? Have I mentioned that I meet one-to-one with 17 students every week?

I'm sorting out how to breathe expansive spaciousness into the perceived contraction. I'm practicing how to be spaciousness.

Honoring those Lamaze breathing techniques from long ago, and to give myself some breathing room, I made the practical decision to work even smaller than usual—I painted a bookmark for Meg's birthday. 

The soft impressionism of a painting by Vova DeBAK called to me. I want to learn soft and impressionistic, so I used a slice of that painting as a reference to imitate. As I put paint on paper I reconnected with the arrival of the softer-than-soft baby who entered my life some time ago—maybe 37 years ago and maybe not!—and all the impressions I carry to this day of welcoming her.

Happy birthday, baby girl of mine!

Paper Prayer 17
study/appropriation of a painting by Vova DeBAK
2x6", acrylic on watercolor paper
[not for sale]


  1. Love it! Thanks for birthday wishes, can't wait to see you and receive my bookmark :)

  2. You WILL love it; it will beat the heck out of the library receipts or other scraps of paper you currently use! And you will have it in hand SOON!

  3. Wonderful...and even more so, because my "baby" is Meg, too (short for Margaret)!

  4. Oh my gosh—my Meg is also a Margaret!