Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hiding in the Shadows

Couldn't resist a second response to the Daily Paintworks shadow challenge. Surely the silhouette of my daily paintings propped in my family room window qualifies as an odd shaped shadows!

Many challenges here. One example: how to take what shows up in my home as a gray shadow on a light gray carpet and create any visual interest. Already did dark gray shadows on my lighter gray driveway!

So, now my family room has a tangerine floor covering lit by the sunshine streaming in one of its south-facing windows, and the unlit portions—those areas where the walls of our home cast "shadows"— show themselves to be blueberry.

Dabbed in a little tinting and shading to evoke a feeling of Berber carpet texture, called it an abstract day!

Hiding in the shadows, perched on the ghost gallery window sills projected onto my family room floor, stand the following:

Evening Walk, Kelley Point Road
Rock-Solid Sunshine
Evening Barn
Jones Creek
In the Fullness of Summer

Backlit Gallery
6x6", acrylic on canvas board


  1. Love this one! I can picture the shadow on the floor of the living room :)

  2. Glad it strikes your fancy! I love that the shadow challenge on Daily Paintworks nudged me to paint a scene I see repeatedly but would never otherwise have thought to represent in paint.

  3. Thanks for taking a look, Sheila!

    Thanks, too, for your very first look-see/comment when I joined the 30 in 30 challenge. That gesture was a huge gift to me. I felt affirmed, energized, and enlivened, and—very importantly—you sparked me to comment frequently myself, paying forward your gift. I've made friends and I now have a community that I didn't have before! You're awesome!